Colin Honigman /

Creative Technologist




Colin Honigman is a Los Angeles based sound and new media artist whose work focuses on interactivity and augmented spaces. He is an alumni of the CalArts Music Technology BFA and MFA programs. His MFA thesis focused on the idea of “Next Music” which he conceived as music made in/for/with the augmented space. Currently he works as a Senior Creative Technologist at the ed-tech startup Kadenze, teaches in the Music Technology and Digital Arts programs at CalArts, and actively collaborates on with other LA artists. Colin is a proficient programmer in C++ (Cinder, openFrameworks), Python, Processing, ChucK, and Reaktor (sound desing). He is interested in generative sound, multi-media interactive installations, sound design, art games, and working with spatial data.

Colin is also an experienced live and studio audio engineer. He is proficient in ProTools, Logic, and Ableton Live, and has experience running front of house sound on both analog and digital boards. He is currently accepting clients for all things audio, custom electronics, and creative technology. Please email him for more information or to schedule a session.